Registrations Dates are as follows:

March 7th - 8am-2pm - Picton Town Hall

March 28th - 9am-4pm - Wellington Arena

April 11th - 8am - 2pm - Picton Town Hall**

Online Registration will open February 1st.

** CASH ONLY at our last registration**





Challenger Sports Soccer Camp Registration

is now open.

For more information please click on the

Challenger Sports Tab.



 We still have a lot of plaques left that were not picked up

at last years Gary Parks Annual Tournament Weekend.

Please contact us to arrange pick up.






A great new website and inniative brought forth for our community! Check it out!

This site promotes active outdoor living, and is a great rescource of information of event going on within the community!


Attention Parents/Coaches - This is just a reminder that PECSA is a smoke free area. Smoking is only permitted off of the Johnson Street Pitches, and off of PECI property. Please spread the word, and make this a breathe easy event for everyone involved!

Field Rules 2014 Rules Download

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