Welcome to our new executives!

Susan Creasy - Vice President

Pam Goad - Secretary

Ben Parks - Ref Coordinator

Andrew Goad - Member at Large

Tracy Morrow - Member at Large

Scott Wentworth - Member at Large

Contact us if you were unable to

pick up your sponsorship plaque during

tournament weekend.


If you didn't get a medal at the end of the

season please contact us.

Another season has come and gone!

Thank you to everyone for making 2014

a year to remember.

See you in 2015!

We may have updates regarding soccer,

so please check in once in a while.













A great new website and inniative brought forth for our community! Check it out!

This site promotes active outdoor living, and is a great rescource of information of event going on within the community!


Attention Parents/Coaches - This is just a reminder that PECSA is a smoke free area. Smoking is only permitted off of the Johnson Street Pitches, and off of PECI property. Please spread the word, and make this a breathe easy event for everyone involved!

Field Rules 2014 Rules Download
Well our 2014 Season is fast approaching, and guessing by the winter we have had in the County, [full story]
March 07, 2014

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